Saturday, 12 August 2017

My first post for 2017

Hai, hello.

Is everything going well on 2017? Ya, I think so. alhamdulillah :)
and i'm getting older in this August !well its a life process. there are new born, getting older ,death and so on.

To be honest, sometimes I feel lonely and feel that I'm not achieved a great achievement in my life. feeling of kepuasan lebih kurang mcm tu la. Umur makin naik tapi rasa mcm banyak tak explore. feel like i am not discover enough and see the world. rasa mcm berada di tempat yang sama, di situ dan di sana. Keep be at the same place, everyday with the same thing. hurmm rasa rugi la ceritanya hahaha. teringin nak explore new things, new place person (maybe). a traveller maybe. feel like want to challenge myself with new environment.

So, tallking about me .now i am a part time student in IPTA without biasiswa or PTPTN and full time worker. semua tanggung sendiri. actually the plan of continuing my study is not my first plan.  it is my friend's plan. unfortunately, she didnt get the offer and now i just cont because I trust rezeki Allah tak pernah salah. there're reasons why i've be chosen to get the offer. right? ya, i keep think positive because its my life, not anyone. biarlah sorang2 pun. belajar berdikari kan? belajar ni tak la boring or teruk sangat pun. you have to enjoy it while you've the chance. ada masa yerrr susahnya Ya Tuhan. tp tak pernah la terlintas nk berhenti or menyesal. never!  Kita cari ilmu ni tak rugi pun, pembelajaran ni luas. Jadilah orang yang berilmu. tak kisah la bidang apa, ilmu apa (not ilmu hitam ok). Macam aku, aku rasa aku ni selalu kurang berilmu. haha. betul. sebab aku banyak jugak yang tak tahu, tak berkemahiran. so tak kiralah ilmu pengetahuan apa, belajar, belajar , belajar dan kongsilah ilmu tu dengan orang lain. jangan kedekut ye. bukan dari buku je ilmu ni, dari person to person pun blh dapat ilmu. jangan ambil ilmu yang salah /sesat sudahla. haha. maka,  tuntutlah ilmu dari dalam buaian hingga liang lahad :)

To students, I realise that some of the students now take easy in their study. asal lepas naik sem, asal konvo je. its WRONG! do not feel bored or give up on your study. keep doing your best. your very best. you might feel hard, want to cry, tired in that journey but trust me its your rezeki .. Rezeki in continue study not everyone get the chances. Remember your parets who are willing to work day and night just to make you a better person. Keep moving by hook or by crook, till the end. Make your parents proud of you and see their smile on your graduation day. Repay them with your great achievement! jiayou!

thats all for today. tq for read :)

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